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November 4, 2012
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Chapter One


You examined yourself in the mirror; your [h/c] locks were sticking up off your head so crazily. Your [e/c] eyes were tired… you hadn’t slept at all that night. You were too nervous about today. It was your first day of high school, and you really weren’t ready for it. Everyone had spread rumors about how the freshmen were always beaten up on the first day of school. You didn’t want to get beaten up!

“Dammit, [Name]! Would you hurry up in there?! I still have to take my fucking shower!” Your brother, Karkat, screamed at you while banging on the door.

“Perfection takes time, Karky…” You muttered, beginning to brush your hair.

Karkat nearly blew up. “[Name], I told you never to fucking call me that! It wasn’t funny when we were five and it’s not funny now!”

You rolled your eyes and finished cleaning yourself up. You figured you looked presentable enough. You hair was up in a ponytail, your [f/c] shirt was nice and neat, and your jeans were clean as well. You nodded your head, making your [f/c] earrings shake.
You opened the door, immediately being pushed out of the way by Karkat. He was pretty pushy, always getting angry about stupid things. You’d learned to get used to it. I mean, he was related to you.

Mom would be so proud… you thought, making you giggle a bit.


You and Karkat arrived at school right when the doors opened. You each had your schedules ready to go. Of course, you two didn’t have any classes together… lucky you. Each of you wished each other well and headed off to first period.

“Remember, the freshman beat down isn’t real,” He had said to you before departing. You tried to keep that in your mind.

You walked into your first period classroom; it was obviously science, considering the fact that there were toxic warning signs and stuffed animals everywhere. It was kind of creepy, when you thought about it.

“[Name]! [Name]!” Shouted a voice. You turned around to see Terezi and Nepeta sitting together at one of the lab tables. You took a seat in between them.

“Hey guys,” You smiled, “Are you excited about today?”

Terezi rolled her blinded eyes, “Oh please, I could be more excited about being re-blinded!”

“Well, I’m excited!” Nepeta grinned. “I think this year will be absolutely purrfect! Or at least, better then last year.” You thought back to the 8th grade. So many projects, so many beat downs, so many failures… you shuttered just thinking about it.

“I was freaking out this morning, y’know, because of the beat down…” You sighed, “But I’m fine now.”

“I can’t believe you were freaking out about that!” Terezi cackled, “It’s obviously not real, [Name]. Anyone could tell you that.”

You laughed with her. “Thanks for making me feel stupid.”

“I’m always here for ya, hehe!”

That’s when the bell rang, and the day began.


After going to about half of your classes, you were about to pass out.

The cause?

Boredom, so much boredom.

You were just happy that it was lunchtime. Your Dad had packed you a [f/s] sandwich, your absolute favorite. Karkat was jealous because you got the better sandwich, and all he got was peanut butter, or ‘disgusting peanut paste obviously made by a retarded squirrel,’ as he would say.

You grabbed your [f/c] lunchbox out of your locker and walked to the lunchroom. You scanned the room, not really sure where to sit. You thought about it… you could sit with John, but he was sitting with some boy with shades who you didn’t know. You didn’t want to intrude.

You could sit with Nepeta, but she was sitting with Equius. He kind of freaked you out. He was just really big and tall, and you were practically a midget compared to him!

You decided to just sit with Karkat, Terezi, and Gamzee.

You slammed your lunchbox down on their table. “Hey guys.”

“Sup motherfucker?” Gamzee greeted. He had a PB&J sandwich in his mouth, so you didn’t understand him very well.

“Hey sis,” Karkat said. “I see you haven’t been beaten to a pulp yet.”

“Oh shut up,” You scolded him, “I told you, I’m over the beat down thing.”

Karkat smirked, “Oh, sure.”

You stuck your tongue out at him and began eating your sandwich. The four of you ate in silence for awhile. There really wasn’t much to talk about; the day had been sucky and boring so far. Everyone was just happy that they weren’t in class and bored, they were eating and bored.

After you finished your sandwich, you got up to throw away your sandwich bag. As you walked up to the trashcan, you heard a few kids talking at one of the tables. It sounded interesting enough, so you decided to listen in a bit.

“Hey, are you ready for that freshman beat down today?”

“That’s not real,” The other kid said.
The first kid shook his head, “Oh, it is. I remember a few years ago when my brother was a freshman, he came home on the first day of school with bruises everywhere! He even had a black eye.”

“Whoa, no kidding?”


You gasped. The freshman beat down really was real! Oh no, what were you going to do? You couldn’t just avoid something like this. Then again, if you told anybody, they’d laugh at you. They already had. Karkat would probably scold you and say that you were embarrassing yourself. You didn’t want to get scolded or beaten.

Your mind was blowing up with fear.

You took a deep breath. I just won’t say anything. Then, when I walk home with Karkat and the older kids come to get us, we can work together to get away! You smiled to yourself. It was quite the perfect plan. You walked back to your table in victory.
Omj, I actually like how this turned out. :'3
Sorry Dave didn't show up in this chapter... well, he did, but you didn't know who he was and only saw him for two seconds, but yeah.
Don't you just love being Karkat's sister? c: I would love to be his sister, if I do say so myself.
I hope you enjoyed the chapter and I'll try to work on the next one soon!

Chapter 1: You are here.
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Chapter 4: [link]
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I has really realky short hair I cut it a couple weeks ago and I mean like light yagami short
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