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January 27, 2013
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It’s about 12 o’clock in the afternoon and you’re sitting on the couch, curled up to your boyfriend, Karkat Vantas. The two of you are watching rom coms on a new flat screen that you had bought. You were excited to test it out, considering the fact that it took you months and many paychecks to obtain. You certainly enjoyed it and it seemed that Karkat did, too.

“[Name], get dressed.” Karkat says in a usual growling and demanding tone. “After this movie, we’ll go get something to eat.” You nodded and crawl out of your position to get dressed.

You head for yours and Karkat’s bedroom, where all of your clothes are kept. Karkat has few pairs of pants or shirts, so your clothes basically take up most of the storage in the room. You open the middle drawer on the dresser and grab a pair of skinny jeans. You then open the closet to grab your favorite [f/c] t-shirt.

The closet is so dark; you slightly step in to turn on the light. You kick something, however, and curse under your breath. Something dumps onto your feet. You flip on the light and look at your feet.

There’s a tin bucket which has dumped over and left your feet splattered with red and teal blood.

You weren’t teal blooded, that’s for sure.

You aren’t sure whether to cry or to vomit… or even both.

You silently drag your feet out of the room, back down the hall, and stand in the living room doorway. Karkat doesn’t notice you, so you attempt to clear your throat without screaming or crying. He glances up on you and his eyes grow wide.

“Oh my god, [Name]…” Karkat mutters. He stands up from the couch and begins to walk towards you, but you back away. He becomes closer and closer, so you run back to the bathroom with your clothes and shut the door. You lock it for extra measure.

Karkat knocks on the door. “[Name], I can explain if you’d maybe give me the fucking time of day!” He pounds harder and harder. The knocks are sounding off, keeping the beat of the heart beats in your chest.

You pull out your phone as your hands start to shake. You know you’re going to cry, but you can’t now. You go to your contacts and call the first person on your list. You hope to gog he’ll pick up the phone. He always says that he will… but it’s obvious that in the situation you’re in, you can’t trust anyone anymore.

“Sup [Name].”

“Dirk, I need you to come pick me up. I-I need somewhere to stay.” Your voice is shaky and pitching all around.

“Thirty minutes.” He says and hangs up. You sit your phone on the sink and hop in the shower.

As you scrub yourself, you realize that Karkat has given up on the beating. You’re afraid of what’s in store for you once you’re out of the shower, but then again, Dirk will be there in thirty minutes. You have nothing to worry about. But then again, you do.

You are able to scrub the dried blood off of your lower legs and feet, but you can still feel its cold touch. You shutter, knowing where that blood was from and how much you hate yourself for obviously leading yourself into this sort of mess. You scrub yourself completely down a few times, hoping that you are not contaminated with anything.

You hop out of the shower, dry off, and quickly get dressed. You look at yourself in the mirror, examining your eyes. It doesn’t look like you’ll cry anymore, but you can see your lips. They’re twitching. You ignore it and put your phone in your pocket. You walk out the door of the bathroom and head into Karkat’s room. You need to vacate in ten minutes.

You grab your [f/c] suitcase out from under the bed and just begin throwing everything in it. Clothes, games, knick knacks, anything that could fit. You were not coming back here, you were getting as much as you could now. He could have anything you left. You didn’t care anymore.

As you’re about to finish, Karkat walks in the room. He looks at you with his piercing eyes. You can’t help but look into them. You don’t even have to block out sincerity, however, because they is none there. All you can see is complete anger and fake feelings.

“[Name], if you’d just fucking let me explain-“

You slam your suitcase, which interrupts him. “I don’t want an explanation from you. I’m leaving, that’s the end of it.” As if on cue, there’s a car horn from outside. You swing your suitcase off the bed and push past Karkat. You walk through the living room and out the front door, slamming it behind you. You look down the walkway.

There is Dirk Strider, leaning on his car in such a cool kid way.

You stand for a moment, just watching him. You’re not exactly sure what to do. Why is he standing outside of his car? You called him to pick you up and possibly give you a place to stay. He was your best friend, so it wasn’t too much of a problem.

He stands there, and holds his arms out, completely open to you. You weren’t sure what it meant, but then he speaks.

“It’s okay… come here.”

You literally take off at full speed towards him. You drop your suitcase next to the car and hug Dirk so tight that you’re sure he can’t feel his waist, or any part of his chest for that matter. You begin to cry harder than you have ever cried before. He doesn’t say a word, but he hugs you back. His chin sits on your head so that your entire body is protected by his own. You feel as if he is protecting you with his own little shelter. He wants you to be safe. You love him for that.

Dirk lets go of you and opens the door to the car. You get in and watch him outside. He picks up your suitcase and puts it in the trunk, walks around, and gets in the drivers seat. The two of you are quiet. You enjoy the quiet for a few minutes.

Finally, he asks, “Is there anything you want me to go back and get?”

You shake your head. You aren’t really sure if you had left anything or not, but you didn’t want Dirk going to Karkat’s either. What if he got hurt? And just because of your own possessions.

You sniffle and wipe your eyes. Your face is still wet. You are still upset. Do you want to think about it? No, and you don’t have to because Dirk is there to keep you company… and make you happy. You lean your head on his shoulder as he drives. You figure that he will push you off because it’s distracting, but he doesn’t. In fact, you’re sure you see him smile at you as you close your eyes and drift off.

Whenever you need me,
Whenever you want me,
You know you can call me,
I’ll be there shortly.
I roll up.
This reader insert was inspired by my new favorite song; Roll Up by The Ready Set.
I finished Punk Goes Pop 4 today in the car, so I finally heard it, and I was just like
I think it's cute, and I hope you guys enjoy. c:
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