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May 6, 2013
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You reached into the box and pulled out a little statuette of a dumbbell. You thought to yourself about how completely adorable it was, and you thought even more deeply about the fact that you were now going into the closet with Equius.

“Equius, come on down!” Dave cried, laughing afterwards. He was pretty damn slurred.

You watched as Equius carefully made his way to the front. He looked down at you from his tall stature with no expression. You could see that he was sweating pretty badly. He seemed to be almost... trembling?

Dave shoved the two of you in the closet and locked the door. Once the door was shut, everything was sort of quiet.

“So, what do you want to do?” You asked casually.

Equius didn’t move. “I don’t think we should be doing things of the lewd nature, [Name]...” He muttered, turning his head away from you.

Of course Equius wouldn’t do anything with you. That was just his nature. He wanted to be a gentlemen, or at least, attempt to be one. The sweat kind of turned that concept to shit. You thought he was pretty adorable when he was nervous, though. Maybe, just maybe, you could mess with him a little...

“Oh, okay...” You nodded in agreement. “Hey, it’s a bit cramped in here. Do you mind if I scoot closer to you?”

Equius replied, “You can if you must.” You took that as a ‘yes’ and scooted over next to him. You moved close enough so that your arm was pressed against him. You could now tell how much he was really trembling.

“I think I might have to lean in a little closer,” You muttered, laying your head on his shoulder. He didn’t reply, he just sat and stared straight ahead at the closet wall. You decided to make your head nice and comfortable on his bulky shoulder. “You’re comfy, Equius.”

This made Equius come back to reality. He looked down at you to see if you were being serious, and that what your cue. You quickly leaned up and kissed him fiercely on the lips. To your surprise, he didn’t even try to pull away. He pushed into the kiss and seemed to be enjoying it. Your plan was actually working.

Once the two of you finally pulled away, you were both panting heavily. You looked at Equius, a smirk plastered on your face. “Do you mind participating in lude activities now?”

Equius shook his head. “Not if it feels like that.” He was sweating more profusely than ever, but he was certainly aroused.

Suddenly, Dave opened the closet door. “Equius, stop sweating all over my stuff. Go upstairs and clean up or something, bro.”

You gave Equius a suggestive look. “Want to head upstairs and ‘clean up’?”
This one is okay I guess. It's the first one where the reader is really 'dominant' per say, I guess.
Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted one.
I was thinking of how to go with this one, y'know?

Intro: [link]
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