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February 1, 2013
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You quickly yanked your hand out of the box to see that it was covered in none other than soper pie. You made a face and shook it off.

Dave leaned his head on the wall, obviously feeling sick from all of the ‘magical apple juice.’ “Gamzee, it’s you’re turn in the closet.”

You glanced at the crowd of people, already seeing Gamzee’s tall horns peak over the rest of the crowd. He pushed to the front of the trolls. He saw you and gave you his regular goofy smile. You couldn’t help but giggle.

Instead of pushing the two of you, Dave shooed you into the closet and shut the door. You each looked around until you met each other’s eyes. The two of you shared eye contact for almost a minute. It didn’t make you laugh, however. It made you nervous. You liked Gamzee a lot, but he always made you nervous. You knew what he was capable of, and sometimes, it scared you.

A cold touch on your leg surprised you out of your thoughts. You quickly look down to see Gamzee’s hand trailing up to your hip, rubbing it in circles. You blushed.

“Gam? W-What are you doing?”

Gamzee simply smiled at you. “I’m getting you ready for the miracles.”

Without warning, he leaned towards you, pressing his lips against your own. You felt your face heat up, but you didn’t care. You were being kissed by the person you liked…. More than liked, loved.

He pushed deeper into the kiss. He didn’t even ask for permission as he shoves his tongue in your mouth. As he tasted the inside of your mouth, you could taste him… he tasted better than any miracle you could think of.

Gamzee pulled away for a moment. He leaned over to whisper something in your ear.

“[Name], how in the motherfuckin’ world do you taste so amazing?”

You shrugged. You weren’t really sure how to answer him.

Suddenly, Gamzee grabbed both of your wrists and pins you up against the wall of the closet. “Tell me how…” He muttered in a husky voice. You could feel yourself heating up.

You peered over his shoulder, seeing the door open. Dave stood in the doorway and looked at the two of them oddly. Without saying anything, he just stepped out of the way and pointed at the stairs.

Gamzee set you down, letting you stand up and regain your balance.

“So… do you wanna motherfuckin’ do this?”
I'm sorry...
this is just omj ;_;
I feel like I'm not even trying anymore.
But I tried and that's what counts, right?
*hopes you don't throw things at me*

Intro: [link]
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KawaiiKarkatt Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014
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so hot!
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