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January 24, 2013
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You pull out your hand to see you are clutching a megaphone. You chuckled to yourself, knowing exactly who it was. The item fit them so well.

“Kankri, front ‘n center,” Dave slurred, gesturing towards the open closet. Kankri walked to the front, though he decided to be a gentleman (A/N: won’t be too gentle for long…) and let you enter the closet first. The two of you slid inside the door was shut and locked behind you.

You roll your eyes, knowing exactly what you’re about to be in for.

“This game is violating so many obvious rules. There are so many things that I could tag as triggers existing at this party!” Kankri began to blab on and on. “This game is a violation of peoples’ privacy, especially women. I mean, who in the world would stick some drunken pig like Dave in a closet with someone as innocent as you?”

You blinked. Did he just say what you thought he just said?”

Kankri’s face turned a slight red. “Any who… what should we do in this dreaded place the next seven minutes?”

“Well, I don’t think I’m as innocent as you propose…” You attempted to keep a bad girl fašade with giggling hysterically. You leaned in and kissed the red blooded troll lightly on the lips.

“Oh, really now?” The odd look on Kankri’s face turned into a smirk. He leaned in and whispered haughtily in your ear, “I have a more… sexual trigger, if you would like to try me.” He licked your earlobe, making you shutter.

You figured you would be the dominant one in this game, but apparently, you were wrong.

Kankri pulled you into a romantic and lust filled kiss. When he asked for entrance, you refused to let him in. You wanted to try to keep on the bad girl fašade a bit longer.
Unfortunately (or fortunately, which ever you prefer there), he groped you. Hard. You squealed, opening your mouth and making Kankri take immediate action.

You tried to fight for dominance, but it didn’t work out to well. Kankri easily beat you. You were surprised at how skilled he was, what with the many triggers he had. You were afraid that maybe he would feel like he was disrespecting you… but that’s certainly not how you felt.

Suddenly, Kankri pulled away, leaving a trail of saliva hanging from both of your mouths.
You whined, your face burning. “Why did you stop…?” The troll nodded towards the door.

As if on cue, Dave opened the door, letting in the light. The cool kid sighed, “Looks like Kankri’s ‘triggers’ got the best of him, aye?”

You simply shook your head. “Oh, not really.”

Kankri looked over at you, his mouth in an obvious smirk.

“So, would you like to see more of my sexual triggers… upstairs, maybe?”
I tried, but I'm just like... fuck Kankri, I don't know.
I didn't like Kankri a lot, so I'm just like
this is bad.

Intro: [link]
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Karkat "Oh I almost gave a fuck!"
Me "Here's a spoon full of peanut butter! "
Karkat "What!" nom.nom 
Me"That's what you get for not saving me! 
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