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January 18, 2013
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You pulled out your hand to see you were holding a movie case. You examined it; The Notebook. Oh, it was so obvious, it was painful.

“Karkat, get on up here!” Dave called, taking the movie away from you. “Get all up in this closet right now.” You watched as Karkat angrily stomped through the crowd, his arms crossed. He was looking at the floor, so you couldn’t really see his face.

“Let’s get this stupid fucking thing over with…” Karkat muttered as he entered the closet. You weren’t sure if you wanted to go inside or not, but before you could even move, Dave shoved you inside and shut the door.

That’s when Karkat began his rant.

“Why the fuck do we even play this stupid game?! I mean, there’s nothing that you can fucking accomplish accept for making out with some probably nasty person that you don’t even like for absolutely no reason!”

You blinked. “…So you’re saying I’m nasty?” That actually hurt you. You knew that Karkat was always such a mean person, but you thought that the two of you were friends.

“Wait, no! That’s not what I fucking said! You’re taking that out of context!”

“You’re the one who said this game is about getting stuck in a closet with someone who’s nasty and who you don’t even like…” You quietly retorted, looking down at your feet.
For the first time, Karkat actually looked up at you in the closet. His face was bright red. “What if I wasn’t fucking talking about you, [Name]? What if I was fucking talking about me?!” He looked angry, but you could hear some sadness in his voice as well.

“Karkat…” You whispered. “I-I do like you…”

The red-blooded troll blinked, and looked up at you. His eyes looked into yours in such a passionate way that you just couldn’t look away. That’s when it happened; Karkat literally threw himself at you, smashing his lips against yours. Maybe he was getting a little overexcited, but you didn’t mind.

As the two of you were lip locked, Karkat pulled you onto his lap. You wrapped your hands around his neck to keep yourself steady. Karkat ran his grey fingers through your (h/c) hair. You were enjoying every second of it. You were about to grasp his horns when you heard the door creek open.

The two of you finally parted your lips to see Dave standing in the doorway, raising an eyebrow at you. “Times up, weirdoes. If you were really that invested, take a bedroom upstairs or something.”

Karkat glanced over at you, the fires of passion showing in his eyes. He nodded at you and you both quickly headed for the stairs.
Sorry, this one is kind of short. ^^;;
I wasn't exactly sure how to approach Karkat's section, so I figured this would work well enough.
Hope you guys like it!
Also, I'm doing these by the amount of votes certain trolls/kids have been receiving in the comments, so if you'd prefer someone's next, just say it in the comments or whatever.

Intro: [link]
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