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July 1, 2013
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You hesitantly reached into the box, and pulled out a pair of gloves designed with the bones of a hand. Examining them for a few seconds, you figured they were Kurloz’s, since they did indeed match his outfit.

“Kurloz, up here!” Dave called out, his voice cracking in the process.

You watched as Kurloz made his way to the front. He finally stopped in front of you, signing you a quick ‘hello.’ You shyly waved hello to him as well. Dave then shoved the two of you in the closet, slamming the door behind.

The closet was a bit darker than you expected. You watched as Kurloz moved his hands, obviously trying to sign, but you couldn’t see very well. “Wait a sec, Kurloz...” You quickly reached into your pocket and grabbed your phone. The screen didn’t emit too much light, but just enough that you could at least see Kurloz.

“Okay, can you sign that again?” You asked with a smile.

*I said ‘it’s a bit dark in here’* Kurloz signed. *but I guess this makes it a little better, huh?*

You giggled. “Yeah, true.”

The two of you looked around the closet, but not directly at each other. It seemed as if both of you were too nervous to make eye contact. The closed space and shortage of light was starting to get to you.

Kurloz finally looked up at you. *So, what should we do?*

“Hm...” You shrugged, “I’m not sure...”

Of course, that was a lie. You knew exactly what you wanted to do.

Kurloz twiddled his thumbs for a moment, not signing back to you. He seemed as if he wasn’t sure what to say. You watched him eagerly, waiting for an answer.

*Do you mind if I motherfuckin’ kiss you?*

You blinked. You rubbed your eyes. You weren’t really sure if he had just signed what you’d thought, considering the fact that it was pretty dark. You didn’t want to ask him to sign again, however, because you thought he might be upset with you for possibly not paying attention.

Without saying anything, you nodded and began to lean in about halfway.

Kurloz leaned in the other half and your lips met right in the middle.

The kiss, to say the least, felt great to you. Your lips started off pressed only lightly against each other, then you began pushing harder, making it more and more intense. You had never thought that you would be kissing Kurloz, but damn, you were certainly liking it.

Suddenly, light poured into the closet. The two of you quickly pulled away, looking up and seeing Dave standing in the doorway. He towered over you, a smirk plastered on his face.

Kurloz helped you out of the closet, but stopped you before you could wander back into the crowd.

*[Name], do you want to continue?* Kurloz signed, pointing to the staircase.
Woo hoo, more seven minutes. c':
I'm sorry I haven't been updating this a lot, there's just so many characters and man, was I stuck on Kurloz. I had no idea what to do for him. AT ALL. :l
I'm not good at writing for new people, dammit.
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed!

Intro: [link]
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Kurloz:*wanna continue?* 
me: *drags him to a room* Glub you muelin
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Meulin: WHERE ARE YOU TAKING HIM?! *she reads lips and i can rp her okay. vriska is mah best*
Happyluckygirl22 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Kurloz:-its fiiiiiine-
Me:its not fine you lost yo mate
Kurloz: xoI
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