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February 11, 2013
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You pull out a mini yellow skateboard and you immediately frown. Why would Mituna put a skateboard figurine in the box? That was usually Latula’s type of thing. He had been spending quite a lot of time with her lately…

“Mituna, let’s go!” Dave called, waving the Gemini up to the front. You watched Mituna scamper up to the front and stand in front of you, his usual smile plastered onto his face. Dave shooed the two of you into the closet and slammed the door.

Mituna surprisingly started the conversation. “Do you like this game, [Name]? It seems like everyone else does.”

You slightly shrugged. “It’s okay; I guess… it just depends who you get stuck in here with.”

“Did you not want to come in here with me?” He suddenly asked. You froze. Oh no, you’d made him think that you didn’t like him!

“No, no! I-It’s nothing like that!” You quickly rebuttal, “I just thought you were… with someone, that’s all. Y’know, you did put a mini skateboard in the box.”

Mituna shook his head. “Oh, Latula and I aren’t together. I don’t like her like that.”

You were surprised. You leaned closer towards him. “R-Really?”

“Yeah, really… I like you.” You could feel him looking you in the eye under his helmet. He leaned closer to you, and you immediately broke the gap and kissed him fiercely.

Mituna didn’t hold back; he shoved his tongue in your mouth without asking permission. You obviously didn’t care. He could taste the inside of your mouth. It was a mixture of beer and [f/s]. In his mind, he thought you tasted delicious.

“M-Mituna…” You muttered in between kisses, “Why didn’t you tell me you liked me before?”

“Well, everyone thought I was weird, and I thought you did, too.”

You pulled away from him for a moment. “I would never think that you’re weird. You’re like, my best friend.”

Mituna actually smiled. It was a crazy smile or some odd fake smile that he didn’t really mean. It was a real, loving, and caring smile.

Suddenly, the closet door opened. Dave stood in the doorway and lingered over the two of you.

“Move the touching moments to the upstairs, please,” Dave said in a slurred voice. He wobbled and gestured to the stairs. Mituna looked at you, grabbed your wrist, and proceeded to drag you up the stairs.
[f/s] = favorite snack
Okay, so this was probably the most cliche one yet.
Sorry guys ; w ; I was trying to make it all not cliche, but I was rushing to finish and post something, so this happened.
Blah, I'm trying. :I

Intro: [link]
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Mituna Is My Favourite By Far!

I Love You Sooo Much For Doing This xxx
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