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January 21, 2013
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You pulled out a small plushie that looked almost identical to Tinkerbull. You giggled; it looked so adorable! You knew at that moment that it was Tavros.

“Tavros, c’mon!” Dave shouted, waving the troll towards the front of the room. He maneuvered his way through the crowd. Your eyes looked up and down his new body. His legs made him look even cuter then he already had.

Dave carefully nudged you two into the closet. Each of you hesitantly looked at each other from across the closet.

You scratched the back of your head nervously. Tavros was already shy, and you had a pretty big crush on him. That didn’t help too much. You thought for a moment about what you could say to start a conversation.

“So, do you like your new legs?” You mentally face palmed. What kind of stupid question was that?!

Tavros chuckled. “I, uh, like them a lot. It’s a lot easier to, um… get around, y’know?” He smiled his innocent smile at you. You could feel your face turn redder than a tomato.

“Oh, well that’s good…” You muttered. The two of you were quiet for awhile, both unsure of what to say exactly. Anyone else would think this was cute, but not you. You wanted to be able to have an ongoing conversation with your crush, and not just sit together in silence. You were sure that’s not what anyone else had done in the closet.

Suddenly, you felt a pair of lips on yours. You tasted the immediate wave of chocolate inside your system. You had jumped at the surprising contact.

Tavros pulled away. “Oh, [N-Name]… I-I’m so sorry, I, uh… I don’t know what came over me.”
You covered your mouth to keep you from giggling. Tavros could see, however, that you were grinning ear to ear. “What is it? I-Is there something wrong…?”

“You can kiss me all you want…” You said quietly, your face turning red. “I won’t mind, I swear.”

Since you had given permission, Tavros leaned in towards you. You closed your eyes as Tavros’s lips came in contact with your own. You felt his arms slowly wrap around your waist, though they felt unsure. You leaned deeper into the kiss to tell him that you didn’t mind. The two of slowly moved closer and closer to each other, until you were literally sitting in his lap.

You were inexperienced in things like this. It made you nervous. Tavros, you figured, was inexperienced too, which made you worry less. The two of you were so intertwined that you were certain he was doing good.

You could feel Tavros tugging at the hem of your shirt, which was surprising. You had never seen him be so confident. You had to admit… it was turning you on.

“Excuse me, lovebirds.” You heard someone say. “Times up.”

You pulled away from Tavros and glanced up at the doorway to see Dave lingering over the two of you. You blushed furious, afraid of how long he’d actually been standing there.

“I-It’s okay…” Tavros stammered. “We were just, um… going upstairs.” His eyes looked into yours, asking for approval.

His innocent look was just too much. You slowly nodded.
Woohoo, now we havy lil' Tavvy done! :D
I hope you enjoyed... I tried to nail this one, since most of you were dying for it.
Remember to continue to vote and whatnot!

Intro: [link]
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yes. just. yes.
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so cute~! :iconpervytavrosplz:
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Famous last words

'His innocent look was just too much.'

*french spongebob narrator voice*
~1 month later~

*headstone reads*
Here lies Kendiwolf Rixxen. 
she was fucked to death by a boy in robot legs.
You had the best send off from the rest of us.
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*TOTAL FANGIRL MOMENT* Eeee~!! * Purrs* Tavi is so adorable!!! <3
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all of the fangirl squeals are in this room. & now my mom is staring at me. I'll just tell her that it's Tavros. Though she won't understand, I cna't think of any other way to say why I just squealed.
HomestuckBlackButler Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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MORE!!!!! must have lemon!!!!!
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If i didnt have words for this i would just be screaming,and then my ovaries would explode..........LOL!!!!!!!!!!
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